MOHAA League

Whats Happening?

As promised, MLS is organizing MOHAA Sniper league on annual basis.

When its Happening?

Starting Saturday November 9th 2019 (Exact times will be worked out )

How will it work?

All mohaa players/clans are invited to submit their squad entries before November 5th, 2019. Each squad consists of 5 players. A Clan can participate with multiple squads as well if they have more human resource wanting to participate, or to accommodate non-clan/independent players.

Current Registered Teams

League is based on Round Robin Format.

Each Match will be played on two Maps,

Fallen Village & The Church Final

These maps are not included by default in the game so make sure you DOWNLOAD THEM.

Each map will have 14 games, each squad will switch the sides after 7 rounds.

Draws will be announced on November 8th, 2019 and matches schedule will be posted here.

All matches will be played on MLS East Coast server in an effort to ensure equal ping for European clans/players.

Sniper Only. Weapons will match those on the <MLS> Sniper Objective Server. (No in game taunts or chat.)

Sides/toss will be held by Match referee. A Referee will adjudicate the match to ensure Fair Play. Standard server rules apply to the league (For reference, please read rules section).

Anyone caught cheating will result in that squads forfeit from the match and any remaining matches.

Server IP is:

Password is: mlslite